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Diane V. Havlir, MD

Dr. Havlir is professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and the chief of the HIV/AIDS Division at San Francisco General Hospital. She was a physician in training when the AIDS epidemic emerged in the 1980s and has cared for HIV-infected patients in the clinic and hospital ever since. She has conducted clinical research in HIV and co-infections for over 25 years, with over 200 publications. Dr. Havlir conducted the first pivotal study showing the protective effect of azithromycin against M. avium infections for persons with AIDS, numerous studies on antiretroviral therapy and drug resistance, and a recent international study demonstrating the beneficial effect of starting antiretroviral therapy early in persons with HIV and tuberculosis. She is currently leading a community randomized study in East Africa (SEARCH) measuring the health, economic, and education effects of testing and treating all HIV-infected persons.

Dr. Havlir has played an active role on the global stage as an author of the first WHO Global HIV Treatment Guidelines. In concert, she helped establish a Global HIV Drug Resistance surveillance program. She served on the board of the STOP TB partnership and chaired the WHO HIV and TB Working Group for 8 years. She has also served on the Governing Council for the International AIDS Society and is an advisor to the Infectious Disease Center for Global Health Policy.

She has won numerous academic awards and in 2012 was featured as a “Pioneering Leader in the Fight Against” in Vanity Fair. Dr. Havlir was the United States co-chair of the International AIDS Conference held in Washington, DC, in July 2012, the largest-ever gathering of the AIDS community, focusing on defining what is needed to end the AIDS epidemic. She is a founder of the “Getting to Zero” consortium in San Francisco aimed at harnessing collective impact to prevent and treat all HIV in the city.


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