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The Science-to-Community series

This series of 4-page summaries of research was produced in 2000–2004. Links are to PDF documents.


Adherence to HIV Therapies: Critical Issues

KSHV: The Mysterious Virus Behind Kaposi's Sarcoma

Anal Cancer: In Gay and Bisexual Men

The Mouth as a Window on HIV Infection

Antiretroviral Treatment for the Homeless

Immune Based Therapies for HIV/AIDS

Organ Transplantation in People with HIV

Observational Cohort Study: The Use of Clinical Guidelines and Durability of Viral Suppression


Collaborative Research to Prevent HIV among Prisoners and Their Families

Investigación conjunta para la prevención del VIH con poblaciones encarceladas y sus familias (en español)

What Providers Think about HIV Prevention: The Implicit Theory Project

Project START: HIV/STD/Hepatitis Prevention for Young Men Being Released from Prison

The Voluntary HIV-1 Counseling and Testing Study in Three Developing Countries

Collaborative HIV Prevention Research in Minority Communities

Conducting Community-Based Research: The Legacy Project

Conducting Systematic Reviews on HIV Infection and AIDS

International HIV Prevention Research

Project Access: Barriers to HIV Counseling and Testing, and the Prevention Strategies of Drug Users

Collaborative Research to Prevent HIV among Male Prison Inmates and Their Female Partners

Study of HIV Sexual Risk among Disenfranchised African American MSM

Prevention Strategies of HIV Positive Injection Drug Users (VENUS Study)

Health and Illness among Injection Drug Users: Community-Based Research at Urban Health Study

Smoking Cessation Interventions in San Francisco's Queer Communities

Systematic Review of HIV Behavioral Prevention among Heterosexual African Americans

Mental Health

Stress and Coping in Gay Male Caregivers of Men with AIDS


HIV Prevention in the Developing World


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